Jira Cloud API Find users assignable to issues

Atlassian - Find users assignable to issues

Returns a list of users that can be assigned to an issue. Use this method to find the list of users who can be assigned to: * a new issue, by providing the `projectKeyOrId`. * an updated issue, by providing the `issueKey`. * to an issue during a transition (workflow action), by providing the `issueKey` and the transition id in `actionDescriptorId`. You can obtain the IDs of an issue's valid transitions using the `transitions` option in the `expand` parameter of [Get issue](https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/#api-api-2-issue-issueIdOrKey-get). In all these cases, you can pass a username to determine if a user can be assigned to an issue. The user is returned in the response if they can be assigned to the issue or issue transition. **[Permissions](https://confluence.atlassian.com/x/FQiiLQ) required:** Permission to access Jira.

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Curl command through Streamdata.io

curl -v -h "header{header_value}""https://streamdata.motwin.net/http://api/2/user/assignable/search?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}&actionDescriptorId={field_value}&issueKey={field_value}&maxResults={field_value}&project={field_value}&query={field_value}&startAt={field_value}&username={field_value}"

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